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A New Year's Eve game for families, friends, and coworkers looking to create a festive atmosphere.

  • Play with your friends

    Friends are some of the closest people to us. They are as important as our family. Be sure to give them gifts.

    Arm with gift
  • Celebrate with your family

    Bring joy to the whole family with one great gift. One gift, but joy for all.

    Gingerbread house
  • Invite colleagues

    Half of our time is spent at work. The atmosphere in the team is very important. Give your colleagues a gift – bringing everyone closer together, enhance relationships.

  • 1

    Download the App

    The game is available on both platforms - iOS and Android. Search and download Secret Santa in your store.

  • 2

    Create a game

    Choose a special moment to meet your friends and start the fun! Coordinate a convenient time with the participants to create a unique atmosphere.

  • 3

    Invite everyone

    Send out invitations to your family and friends. Tell them about the upcoming fun that awaits all of you at the game.

  • 4

    Give each other gifts

    Get ready for the most touching moment of all - the gift exchange! Remember that the magic of Secret Santa starts with care and carefully thought out details!

  • Price limit

    Specify a budget for participants to consider when selecting gifts.

  • Adding players by invite link

    Manually or from your contact list, and we also have a link invitation.

    Gingerbread man
  • Wishlist

    Each participant can specify their desired gift category.

    Christmas tree
  • Possibility of eliminating couples

    You can choose your own pairing exceptions. This is useful in situations where two people have already been each other's Santas in a previous game, or there is another reason why a particular pairing would not be ideal.

    Christmas mittens

We care about privacy

  • Emails

    We do not share emails with third parties or send marketing emails.

  • Encryption

    Personal data is protected by encryption technologies.

Use the service in your native language

The user interface, email, and all messages are translated into 20 different languages.

  • White Elephant gift exchange
  • Kris Kringle
  • Père Noël Secret
  • シークレットサンタ
  • بابا نويل السري
  • Pare Noel Secret
  • Wichteln
  • Amigo Secreto
  • Dirty Santa
  • Babbo Natale Segreto
  • Secret Santa
  • סנטה הסודי
  • Құпия Санта
  • Amigo Oculto
  • Amigo Secreto
  • Тайный Санта
  • Gizli Noel Baba
  • Таємний Санта
  • 秘密圣诞老人
  • Άγνωστος Άγιος Βασίλης
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    Jan Fomin

    This app is fabulous! Fascinated by its convenience and versatility. The incredibly pleasant and intuitive interface makes interacting with the application a real pleasure. It is important to note that the developers have thought of every detail: excellent optimization, fast downloads, and, of course, great design.


Download and start playing!

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  • Santa App is a digital platform designed to facilitate and enhance the Secret Santa gift-exchange tradition. Beyond just a randomizer for gifting assignments, the app offers a festive atmosphere, gamified elements, and localized customizations to ensure an immersive, joyful experience.
  • Santa App uses a proprietary algorithm that ensures a completely random and fair assignment of Secret Santa roles. Once you've entered participant details, the app will manage the rest.
  • No, but if you interested in corporate customization - contact up -
  • Once you've set up your event and participants have been randomized, each participant will receive a confidential email notification with details of their assigned person. This ensures discretion and maintains the surprise element.
  • The "Pair Exclude" feature allows organizers to specify certain participants who shouldn't be paired together for the gift exchange. It ensures that gift exchanges remain fresh and surprising by preventing repetitive pairings from previous years or avoiding potential pairing complications.