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About the application

  • Santa App is a digital platform designed to facilitate and enhance the Secret Santa gift-exchange tradition. Beyond just a randomizer for gifting assignments, the app offers a festive atmosphere, gamified elements, and localized customizations to ensure an immersive, joyful experience.
  • Santa App uses a proprietary algorithm that ensures a completely random and fair assignment of Secret Santa roles. Once you've entered participant details, the app will manage the rest.
  • No, but if you interested in corporate customization - contact up -
  • Once you've set up your event and participants have been randomized, each participant will receive a confidential email notification with details of their assigned person. This ensures discretion and maintains the surprise element.
  • The "Pair Exclude" feature allows organizers to specify certain participants who shouldn't be paired together for the gift exchange. It ensures that gift exchanges remain fresh and surprising by preventing repetitive pairings from previous years or avoiding potential pairing complications.
  • No, Santa App is designed for year-round fun. Though it finds its roots in the Christmas tradition of Secret Santa, its features like localization allow it to be suitable for various global festivities like Diwali, Lunar New Year, and more.
  • Our app offers an intuitive localization feature where the interface, instructions, and content adjust to various languages and dialects. Moreover, regional customizations are present, catering to local traditions, games, and gift ideas.
  • We offer a basic version of Santa App for free, which includes the primary features.
  • Absolutely! We prioritize user privacy. All personal data, including email addresses, is encrypted, stored securely, and used only for the purpose of organizing your Secret Santa event.
  • We're always eager to hear from our users. For support queries or feedback, reach out to our dedicated customer service team through the "Contact Us" option within the app.
  • You can invite participants by either entering their email addresses or by sharing a unique invitation link via email, social media, messaging apps, etc.

About the emails

  • Firstly, please check your spam or junk folder as sometimes emails may be directed there. If you still don't find it, ensure that the email address provided during the setup is correct and then request a resend from the app's dashboard.
  • No worries! Log into the Santa App, go to your event dashboard, and there will be an option to resend your assignment email.
  • Ensure that the email addresses provided are accurate. If they are correct, ask the participants to check their spam or junk folders. If the problem persists, you can use the app to resend the email or share the unique participation link directly with them.
  • Your security is our priority. All emails and personal data, including email addresses, are encrypted and stored securely. They are only used for the purpose of organizing your Secret Santa event, ensuring confidentiality and safety.
  • Yes, to maintain the element of surprise and fairness, all assignment emails are sent out simultaneously to the provided email addresses once the event setup is complete.
  • This might be due to compatibility issues with certain email clients. Try viewing the email on a different device or email client. If the issue persists, please contact our support team for assistance.
  • The assignment emails are sent from a no-reply address to maintain anonymity and the spirit of the game. If participants have queries or issues, they should contact the event organizer or use the support features within the Santa App.
  • We offer a basic version of Santa App for free, which includes the primary features.
  • The Santa App has no limit on the number of participants you can invite.